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JDK -- Java Developer's Kit (Free)

In order to compile and run programm in Java you need JDK .

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Free Java Programming Tools

Free Java Libraries

OpenMap - Open Systems Mapping Technology :
OpenMap is an open source JavaBeans toolkit that allows you to "build applications and applets that access data from legacy databases and applications" (quoted from their website). Note that you should read their licence agreement before you blindly use the package, since it is not one of the standard open source licences. (At the time I looked at it, I got the impression that if you make a derivative work from their toolkit, you are also giving them the permission to make a derivative work from your program. But it's best you read the licence agreement yourself.)

Sun's JavaMail API :
Sun's JavaMail API provides you a set of abstract classes that helps you to build mail and messenging applications. This reference implementation is royalty free (but only provided in binary form). You need the JavaBeans Activation Framework to use this (see elsewhere on this page).

Sun's JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF) :
The JavaBeans Activation Framework, or JAF, to quote verbatim from their website, allow you to use standard services "to determine the type of an arbitrary piece of data, encapsulate access to it, discover the operations available on it, and to instantiate the appropriate bean to perform said operation(s)". This reference implementation is royalty free, and provided only in binary form.

package gnu.regexp (Regular Expressions for Java) :
Gnu.regexp contains an implementation of the GNU regular expressions engine in Java. The package is released under LGPL and comes with source code.

Java SNMP Package :
The Java SNMP Package implements the SNMP protocol with support for the SNMP client and agent operations in SNMP versions 1 and 2 (except the security model of version 2).

GNU Getopt (Java port) :
As is obvious from the name, this is a Java port of the GNU getopt() command line parser.

QFLib :
This Java library is compatible with JDK 1.1, 1.2 and above. The library supports the following: a logging system, GUI stuff, "especially a JTable extension that supports sorting and filtering with only a few lines of code", and a collection of miscellaneous utilities (command line parser, thread pool, etc).

ObjectDB for Java/JDO Free Database Edition :
ObjectDB for Java/JDO is an Object Database Management System (ODBMS) written in Java. It is JDO compliant (Java Data Objects), allows your application to query the database using JDO Query (JDOQL), allows you to have up to 5,000 Java objects per database, uses a single file database, etc. The free edition may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes.

Cyrus SASL :
To quote, "the Cyrus SASL library is a generic library for SASL authentication, as used in SMTP and IMAP protocols. It's used for authentication by the Cyrus IMAP server as well as the Sendmail 8.10 release." It also includes a Java SASL library. Note that the link above is to an FTP directory. Look for a file like "cyrus-sasl-1.5.20.tar.gz" (the numbers may change when newer versions are released).

GNU Classpath :
This is a free replacement for Sun's proprietary class libraries. It is still currently under development. The intention is for the released version to be fully compatibile with Java 1.1 and mostly compatible with 1.2.

Free Java Decompilers

Decompilers. These turn .class files into usually-readable source.

  • Mocha. The original From H.P. van Vliet. (Note: there is also Jasmine, a for-fee update to mocha that has a free trial version.)
  • JAD. Jad reads one or more Java class files and converts them to Java source files which can be compiled again. It is able to comment Java source code with JVM bytecodes. It is available for Windows 95/98/NT, various Unices (eg Linux, Rhapsody, AIX, Solaris, FreeBSD) and OS/2.
  • jclassinfo :
    jclassinfo is a utility written in C (with the source code provided) that reads Java class files and provides you information about the class, its dependencies and so on. It supports both Windows and Linux.

Free Java Disassemblers

Javalyzer is a Java class disassembler. It requires Windows 95, 98 or NT with Internet Explorer 4.01 and above.

Java IDE

  • Borland JBuilder. Java IDE for Windows, Solaris, and Linux. "Foundation" version is free.
  • Sun ONE Studio. Java IDE for Windows, Unix/Linux, MacOS, and almost any other OS that supports the Java 2 Platform. Community Edition is Free. Note that this is a specific implementation of the more general free, open-source NetBeans IDE.
  • IBM VisualAge for Java. Java IDE for Windows and Linux. "Entry" version is free.
  • Webgain Visual Cafe. IDE for Windows and MacOS. Formerly from Symantec.
  • Metrowerks Code Warrior with Java. Java IDE for MacOS, Windows, and Unix.
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver. Not for general Java development, but great for JSP. Even has plugins for the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL).
  • WebSphere Studio.
  • WebLogic Workshop.
  • Oracle JDeveloper
  • Sybase PowerJ. Java IDE for Windows.
  • Javelin from Step Ahead SW. High-level Java IDE for Windows.

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