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I am a B.E in Information Technology form Lingaya's Institute of Management and Technology Faridabad, India.

I have worked on VC++, MFC, ASP, ASP.NET ,Sql Server. Currently I am working on Visual C++ and MFC.

I made a free open source firewall for windows which can be find in MYProjects section.

I am currently working in GloalLogic, Noida.

For any comments and suggestions Contact Me at :

MySpace profile: Here

   Useful Link For Free Online books or Tutorials on Oracle
Other books : VC++ | Visual Basic | C++ | Database | Web Programming | dot Net (csharp,vb.net,asp.net) | Cisco (CCNA,CCNP,CCIE)| Oracle | Linux|Java

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Here is the List of some of the very useful sites which contains free online books and Tutorial on Oracle

  1. Professional Oracle Programming : ( free in rar format ) (BOOK)
    ".a good book for an introduction to Oracle, but especially good if you are interested in the areas of Business Intelligence, HTML-DB, XML DB and Regular Expressions." (OracleHome, 3 August 2005) .
    * One of the only Oracle books to focus exclusively on database programming rather than administration
    * Oracle owns sixty percent of the commercial database market
    * Provides full coverage of the latest Oracle version, 10g-including new features such as regular expressions and the MODEL SQL clause-as well as versions 8, 8i, and 9i
    * The authors are well-known as Oracle gurus-Greenwald is the author of Oracle in a Nutshell and the coauthor, with Stackowiak, of Oracle 9 Essentials
    * Shows how to use Oracle data and data structures to build robust, scalable database applications using Java, SQL, and PL/SQL
  2. Expert Oracle Database Architecture : ( free in RAR format ) (BOOK) Publisher: Apress; Pap/Cdr edition (September 15, 2005)
    This is a defining book on the Oracle database for any developer or DBA who works with Oracle-driven database applications. Tom has a simple philosophy: you can treat Oracle as a black box and just stick data into it or you can understand how it works and exploit it as a powerful computing environment. If you choose the latter, then you will find that there are few information management problems that you cannot solve quickly and elegantly.

    Expert Oracle Database Architecture is the first of a three-book series that completely explores and defines the Oracle database. It covers all of the most important Oracle architecture features.
  3. Oracle Database 10g PL-SQL Programming : ( free in RAR format ) (BOOK)
    Create dynamic client/server applications using PL/SQL and the comprehensive information contained in this authoritative volume. Expert Oracle insiders cover the features of PL/SQL, explain scripting semantics and syntax, and fully detail the PL/SQL functionality of Oracle Database 10g. You'll learn how to write powerful PL/SQL programs, interact with Oracle databases, perform complex calculations, and handle error conditions. Plus, you'll get insider programming tips and techniques and real-world examples from the Oracle community.
  4. Practical Oracle Security: Your Unauthorized Guide to Relational Database Security : ( free in 7Z format ) (BOOK)
    This is the only practical, hands-on guide available to database administrators to secure their Oracle databases. This book will help the DBA to assess their current level of risk as well as their existing security posture. It will then provide practical, applicable knowledge to appropriately secure the Oracle database. The books companion Web site contains dozens of working scripts that DBAs can use to secure and automate their Oracle databases. .
  5. Expert One-on-One Oracle : (6.94 MB) ( free in RAR format ) (BOOK)
    Paperback: 1297 pages
    Publisher: Apress; 1 edition (August 8, 2003)
    Topics covered: Deep wisdom on developing applications for Oracle database management systems, as well as plenty of advice on designing and administering them. There are sections on general design and implementation practices, application architecture, locking and concurrency, transactions and rollbacks, importing and exporting, and lots more of interest to developers. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
  6. O'Reilly Mastering Oracle SQL: ( free in RAR format ) (BOOK)
    Few books on the market today go beyond discussing syntax and the barest rudiments of using Oracle SQL. This book changes that. The authors cover the full range of Oracle SQL features that apply to query writing. Learn to write UNION queries that take full advantage of SQL's set orientation, and ways to use Oracle's new analytic SQL features to write ranking queries, lag and lead queries, and more.
    Password: kirkhalo@warez-bb.org
  7. High Performance Oracle  : (2.6 MB) ( free in RAR format ) (BOOK)
    Publisher : Wiley
    Year : Sep 2002
    Pages : 720
    File type : PDF
    Size : 2.6 MB (book + source code)
    This book is intended for both DBAs and developers of all levels. In many ways, the term advanced in the Oracle world is something of a misnomer. The scope of what Oracle provides is very extensive: There's a lot to know, but most of it is not especially complex. Anyone who understands Oracle fundamentals can understand and benefit from the contents of this book and Oracle's own Concepts Guide is a great place to start. The challenge comes in deploying systems based on techniques that work from the many techniques available. This book sets out to provide a fast track to deploying systems with performance and availability built in.
    Password: ganelon
  8. Oracle Database 10g OCP Certification All-In-One Exam Guide (15.4Mb)( free in RAR format ) (BOOK)
    Four for the price of one! Oracle Database 10g OCP Certification All-in-One Exam Guide is the only book that offers thorough exam prep and a great on-the-job reference for both the latest OCA and OCP exams.

    Also includes the Boson's Oracle self-assessment engine to get experience taking the test in the environment it will be given.
  9. OCA: Oracle Application Server 10g Administration : (free in RAR format ) ( Book)
    * Publisher: Sybex
    * Number Of Pages: 510
    * Publication Date: 2006-09-12
    OCA: Oracle Application Server 10g Administration I Study Guide (Exam 1Z0-311)
    By Bob Bryla, April Wells,
  10. oracle sql. jumpstart with examples : (free in RAR format ) ( BOOK)
    As a consultant with more than 12 years of experience working with Oracle databases on a daily basis, reviewing this book was a unique and enjoyable experience. The SQL language is without doubt one of the most critical database skills and it is best learned by example. This book addresses that crucial need. Mr. Powell does an excellent job of clarifying the concepts by using meaningful and easy to understand examples. Frankly, I have not come across any other book on SQL that is as good a compilation of SQL concepts in a single source as this book.  

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I take no responsibility of the material accessible threw this site. None of the book is hosted on this site . I am only providing link to the books hosted on other site which i found by doing extensive search on google. I take no responsibility for the legality of these books.You can check the websites from where the link has takes for the term and conditions for downloading these books.If any one is suffering financial loss due to this then drop a mail to me I will remove the link of that book.

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